Thursday, February 28, 2013



One day a sunrise
drawing you outside
will tell you it is time to wash
and put away the heavy wool sweaters.

Birds will be knitting the air
with lighter song.

Front yard winter trees framing the far horizon
with diminutive dew drops catching
orbed glow on last year's tiniest twigs
drinking it all in

As huge cloud formations beyond 
celebrate breeze and amber and golds

and greys and pinks and 
roses and tangerines

in the cornucopia
of a coming spring

poem & photo copyright ©2013 Anne Selden Annab
The Fairy Garden Poems # 57

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Devotion is twenty some years
of marriage day by day learning to love
the best of him with the best of me
shaping the I Ching of us.

Two decades of sharing and daring
to know when to argue
when to back down.

Learning trust and being trustworthy.

Remembering to remember what is worth remembering

(and forgetting most of the bad, except
as a cautionary clue)

Figuring out what to say- and what not to say.

Creating and keeping a comfortable home and a world
where we are King and Queen-
noble partners mixing spheres
and making the most of life
what ever might be, as we are humble citizens
as well as mighty rulers here
here in our world...
the I Ching of us.

Hollywood can manipulate emotions BUT
Hollywood can not capture
real happiness- nor can it depict
a healthy heavenly marriage in full.
Hollywood can only offer up
entertaining stereotypes and symbols.

The best role models
are real people
with real time and experience proving
their integrity...

"Birds of a feather flock together"
my grandmother used to say.

She too lived a happily ever after
happily honoring her husband
and their heirs
and their ancestry
and life itself
day by day
and the beauty of a garden...

poem & photo copyright ©2011 Anne Selden Annab
The Fairy Garden Poems # 56

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Clematis & Coral Bells

Clematis & Coral Bells
and three fat robins fledged-
my Fairy Garden blooms

For now at least- this spring

copyright ©2011 Anne Selden Annab
The Fairy Garden Poems # 55

Friday, March 25, 2011

Azalea Sunsets

Suburban woods
where SPRING means
our Snow drops, Crocuses
& Daff-a-down-dillies announce
that soon enough
these expansive Azalea sunsets
all all all all a-round
will subside:
The full spectrum of heavenly color
to be carefully blended and stirred into
a bright series of garden blooms
one by one on the way to being
as the maples' red buds overhead
burgeon accidentally into the necessity
of Summer's shade- and bird watching
is circumscribed to only the closest twig
and bit of lawn.

copyright ©2011 Anne Selden Annab
The Fairy Garden Poems # 54

Monday, May 3, 2010

Find a Nook

In May
write poems
on what might be

by spring

each bloom
and blossom
a baptism
into community

and exile

In May
write poems

find a nook- hide
and dream

make lavender sachets
or elixirs of honeysuckle

©2010 Anne Selden Annab
The Fairy Garden Poems # 53

Thursday, April 1, 2010

An Eastre Story... a visual poem celebrating Spring by Anne Selden Annab

copyright ©2010 Anne Selden Annab
The Fairy Garden Poems # 52

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

...Fairy Doors

Our own academic freedom
is hugely real in a vast
marketplace of ideas...
doors and windows everywhere
and long meandering corridors
in a palace of thought.

Ballrooms and balconies
and cupboards of every type

Some prefer dungeons- others like
tall towers & turrets...

Libraries and media rooms
and keyboards of every type

Fields and forests
and rambles of every kind

What might be true here
is contradicted there
for there is no final authority
no end to the process
of thought
as every one owns
both right and wrong and the power
to move away- or towards...

to step up- or back

to know what to bother with-
and what to abandon

and where to find
fairy doors.

poem copyright ©2009 Anne Selden Annab
The Fairy Garden Poems # 51